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ClearVue appoints building façade leader as new CEO

ClearVue Technologies incoming CEO Martin Deil has amassed a wealth of global experience in building façades. Credit: File

WA-based solar windows company ClearVue Technologies has appointed Martin Deil – a businessman with more than 30 years of global and leadership experience in the building facade industry – as its new chief executive officer.

The company believes Mr Deil will bring with him a deep knowledge of the international façade and architectural envelopes business, having spent the past 22 years in senior management roles at the Permasteelisa Group – a specialist contractor in the global building façade industry. He is scheduled to take up his new role on June 1.

ClearVue’s current focus is on expanding its footprint in the United States and European markets. Once Mr Deil has completed his visa requirements, he plans to relocate to the US, where he already has significant experience through his time with Permasteelisa.

Mr Deil’s most recent role was CEO of Permasteelisa UK, but he was previously based in New York as senior vice president for Gartner-Permasteelisa North America.

He has also been COO and deputy CEO of Permasteelisa North America in Connecticut, deputy CEO of Greater China Permasteelisa Group in Hong Kong, and was also the corporate sustainability and quality director for the Permasteelisa Group at its headquarters in Italy.

ClearVue was founded by glass industry veteran and serial entrepreneur Victor Rosenberg, who steered the company – including to its ASX listing in 2018 – until he retired as both executive chairman and CEO in March this year.

Martin’s visionary leadership, strategic acumen, and deep understanding of global business trends in the façade and architectural envelope business, including in the area of sustainability and construction decarbonisation, makes him the ideal candidate to steer our company towards continued growth, innovation and expansion. ClearVue Technologies non-executive chairman Mr Rosenberg

The basis of ClearVue’s patented solar technology is its “integrated glass unit” (IGU), which incorporates a thin transparent film between two or more panes of glass in a window. This film absorbs the sun’s rays and radiates their energy to solar strips around the edges of the windows. The energy is converted into power that can be deployed, for example, to open and close the windows as the temperature requires.

ClearVue integrates the technology into its Solar Façade Solutions that use a building’s glass and façades to provide renewable energy and lowers energy costs.

I feel honoured to be able to work for a Company that can make a genuine contribution to the climate crisis through the reduction of carbon in construction – a staggering 39 per cent of global carbon emissions are from construction with around 11 per cent coming from embodied carbon in new builds. Given the amount of activity that is expected with the focus on the energy transition and decarbonisation of construction flowing from the US Inflation Reduction Act, but also a plethora of other initiatives globally, I believe the Company is bringing the right solution at the right time. ClearVue Technologies incoming chief executive officer Martin Deil

Mr Deil says the ClearVue solution helps reduce embodied carbon and also operational carbon, which he says is extremely rare in the construction industry.

His inclusion follows hard on the heels of other board and senior management appointments at ClearVue, all aimed at accelerating the company’s global growth trajectory. They include Gerd Hoenicke and Charles “Chuck” Mowrey as non-executive directors earlier this month and Clifton Smyth as chief business development officer.

Although Mr Deil will be based in the US, ClearVue says he has committed to spending a significant amount of time in Australia to engage with shareholders, brokers, stakeholders and the investment community. It is anticipated he will make at least four visits per year to Australia, to both the east and west coasts.

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