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Flashpoint - Edition #4

Updated: May 31, 2023

Why did this investor plough a million into this ASX company at triple its market price?

Brought to you by CPS Capital

Matt Birney - Thanks Tim

Matt Birney - Ok so Besra Gold doubled this week after its major shareholder paid  triple the market price to get more stock in the Malaysian focussed gold explorer.

Matt Birney - Its shares finished last week at 3.1 cents and hit 6.5 cents this week after that shareholder ploughed another million in at 9 cents.

Matt Birney - Biotechnology company Actinogen Medical broke out of its trading halt to hit 16 cents this week – up from 9.6 cents after tabling a positive clinical trial result for its Alzheimer’s treatment.

Matt Birney - Tech company Netlinkz ran 47 per cent to hit 2.8 cents – up from 1.9 cents last week… on no news at all interestingly – that is unless you consider Investment Bank Credit Suisse picking up 5 per cent of the company to be news.

Matt Birney - And finally, a couple of weeks ago I spoke about Dundas Minerals hiking 267 per cent to hit 77 cents a share that week– well, if you thought they’d puffed out at 77 cents you’d be wrong.

Matt Birney - Its stock hit $1.55 this week after drilling through 358m of nickel/copper sulphides  – that is before hitting the floor again at 50 cents after the previous assays didn’t hit the mark.


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