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Lithium Australia cathode material heads to market top

Updated: May 6

Lithium Australia test plant. Credit: File

Independent testing by Novonix Battery Technology Solutions has found Lithium Australia’s lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) cathode material to be of high quality – either matching or exceeding competitor products across the key parameters of capacity, stability and high temperature performance.

Testing by the battery materials research and development services expert suggests the company’s product is an attractive alternative in the existing LFP supply chain, which is heavily concentrated in China.

The final test results follow-on from preliminary results released in April that evaluated Lithium Australia’s LFP cathode against two leading commercial brands.

We are excited to receive such strong results for our LFP cathode material, validating our technology and proprietary production process. These results highlight how our product’s performance can match or exceed the market leading competitors. We believe this important validation will help us to continue accelerating our ongoing commercial negotiations, seeking offtake agreements and potential partnerships. Ultimately, we remain steadfast on achieving large-scale commercialisation of our battery materials manufacturing capabilities. Lithium Australia chief executive office and managing director Simon Linge

The parameters in which the product excelled include retention of highest capacity at fast charging rates when compared to market leaders and having the highest stability among all samples tested. In addition, battery cycle life performance was in line with market-leading products in both ambient (22°C) and high temperature (40°C) environments, which the company says showcases the product’s safety, resilience and suitability for commercial-grade energy cell design, especially in hot climate markets such as India.

Novonix’s evaluation used ultra-high precision coulometry (UHPC) equipment that enables non-destructive testing of how battery chemistry changes from cycle to cycle. Lithium Australia’s LFP performed similarly to the other two commercial cathodes during cycle-aging testing over 1000 cycle trends.

The company believes the positive affirmation for its LFP product has the potential to provide customers with a more diverse supply chain – a move that could de-risk political disruptions and the over-reliance on a single supply source such as China.

Management says it is currently engaged in discussions with multiple parties across North America, Europe, India, South Korea and Japan regarding potential partnerships for LFP offtake and development. The latest testwork on its LFP cathode material is a timely validation of its product and no doubt an appealing factor when it comes to those negotiations.

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