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ADX Energy sees hints of light oil in Austrian well

ADX Energy is planning to re-test its Welchau-1 project in Austria later this year. Credit: File

ADX Energy (ASX: ADX) is pushing ahead with data analysis on its Welchau-1 well in Austria after concluding well operations last month. The company says it has seen hints of gas condensate and light oil in just two downhole pressurised samples that made it back to surface after the downhole tool got stuck.

The well has now been cased off and temporarily suspended and a massive data analysis program is now underway that ADX says should result in an updated resource range and the results will be used to design a flow testing campaign expected to kick off around October. The analysis program will analyse results from logging, fluid sampling, coring and hydrocarbon shows.

The company’s environmental permit only allows for significant works to be undertaken between October and March and management took the opportunity to demobilise the big rig in favour of a smaller, more affordable workover rig when flow testing begins in October.

During the first phase the downhole testing tool became stuck and precious few samples were obtained. However, ADX says the fact that gas flowed to surface in addition to gas condensate and light oil shows in the two fluid samples that were recovered represents a significant success despite the technical challenge with the downhole tool.

The well was spudded last month using a RED E200 drill rig in the ADX-AT-11 exploration licence in Upper Austria. The big rig was used for running and cementing 7-inch casing down to total depth and the company says it may even look to extend the existing depth of the well if the analysis program hints that it may be possible.

ADX has now commenced a programme of extensive analysis work that will culminate in post drill analysis of the resource potential for the Welchau discovery. Recovering hydrocarbons from the impaired down hole sampling programme provides further valuable data. We will continue to provide data analysis from the drilling of the Welchau-1 well, as we look forward to the flow testing of the exceptionally important discovery on behalf of the Republic of Austria.
ADX Energy executive chairman Mr Ian Tchacos

The company says well logging indicates a strong correlation between the observed Steinalm carbonate target formation, network fracturing and vuggy porosity with hydrocarbon shows in drill chips, supported by condensate and gas inflows at surface while drilling and attempting to pull out the stuck tool.

In addition to the logging, the program acquired a 7m core sample from the target formation which also clearly shows a high degree of open fracturing in a vuggy carbonate matrix and evidence of hydrocarbons.

Notably the fracture networks were recorded across a stellar gross interval of 356m of potential productive zones, that may create a level of market anticipation ahead of the October re-start.

The main target Steinalm Formation was logged from 1458m to 1557.4m and exhibits the greatest incidence of fracturing, porosity and permeability.

Similar fracturing, porosity and vuggy characteristics are recorded in the overlying Reifling Formation and the underlying Guitenstein, and Reichenall Formations, but to a lesser degree and this is reflected by their lower permeabilities.

Special analysis work on the down hole pressurised fluid samples and the seven metres of whole core recovered from the Steinalm formation is expected to take three weeks and sixteen weeks respectively to complete.

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