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ASX: TG6 - TG Metals

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

TG Metals: How to quadruple your share price – find some lithium… with grade!

TG Metals CEO David Selfe on 6PR Bulls N Bears Report

Listen to ASX-listed TG Metals CEO David Selfe talk to Matt Birney on the Bulls N’ Bears Report about TG’s first lithium drill hole success in a region that has been begging to see a serious lithium explorer.


TG Metals is on the hunt for nickel, lithium and gold with its handful of projects scattered across the Lake Johnston greenstone belt west of Norseman. Whilst the Lake Johnston greenstone belt has previously hosted nickel mines, its classic granite-greenstone setting also looks ripe for a lithium discovery and this week, TG Metals did exactly that. The company has just tabled some solid lithium drill hits that caused its share price to spike from 10 and a half to 42 and a half cents.


Matt Birney - Welcome to Bulls N' Bears brought to you today by mineral explorer, TG Metals

Matt Birney - ASX code: TG6

Matt Birney - I'm Matt Birney and I'm joined now by the CEO of TG Metals, David Selfe

Matt Birney - Hi Dave

David Selfe - Hi Matt

Matt Birney - Okay so TG Metals is on the hunt for nickel, lithium and gold with its handful of projects scattered across the Lake Johnston greenstone belt, west of Norseman.  Whilst the Lake Johnston greenstone belt has previously hosted nickel mines, its classic granite greenstone setting also looks ripe for a lithium discovery and TG Metals managed to do just that. The company has just tabled some solid lithium drill hits that caused its share price to spike from 10 and a half cents to 44 cents.

Matt Birney - Okay, Dave let's get into it. I understand these are the first drill holes out there from TG targeting lithium, what were the best numbers?

David Selfe - Yeah, our best numbers were 9 metres at 1.62 including 1 metres at 2.28 and another 9 metres at 1.35 including 1 metre at 2.21 per cent lithium.

Matt Birney - Okay, so what made you target that particular area? What were the early signs of lithium?

David Selfe - So we put a soil sample program on, earlier on, basically produced a large soil anomaly that gave us some emphasis to then go forward with the first on drill program so we targeted the center of that and these are the results that we got.

Matt Birney - How large was that soil anomaly and are there any outcropping pegmatites there or was it all soils?

David Selfe - No there's no outcropping pegmatites so we're going on soils alone and the soil anomaly we ended up generating was 4 and a half km long by 1.7 km so it's very large.

Matt Birney - How many drill holes have you put down? How many hit lithium and what did you learn from them about the geology?

David Selfe - Yeah so we put six initial holes down and five of those hit lithium pegmatite and what we learned was that we've got stacked lithium pegmatite, one 

on top of the other at this stage. We still have yet to test underneath that so we're very hopeful we'll get something further on down as well.

Matt Birney - Where do you take it from here? How do you plan to get a handle on the scale of the mineralization?

David Selfe - Okay, so we're going into second phase RC drilling program commencing next week that'll be about 4,000 metres. We're going to leverage off what we've already drilled so we're going to drill out up dip, down dip and also at depth and we're going to drill along strike as well so it's going to be a pretty intensive program but it's going to try and define as much as we can.

Matt Birney - Very quickly I know you're also looking for gold and nickel at Lake Johnston, any good drill results from that program?

David Selfe - Yes, we had some drill results from nickel earlier on this year up to 3.23 per cent nickel over 1 metre and 13 metres at 1.12 per cent nickel 

and that was in our Nickel Laterite prospect.

Matt Birney - David Selfe from TG Metals

Matt Birney - Thanks for joining me on Bulls N' Bears and remember we're only here to give you information, not advice, which you should of course seek independently.

Matt Birney - I'm Matt Birney and this is Bulls N' Bears

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