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ClearVue Technologies goes Dutch to broaden its high-tech horizons

Updated: 2 days ago

Lusoco’s artistic impression of its fluorescent inks deployed into a bus shelter application. Credit: File

WA-based solar windows innovator ClearVue Technologies expects the acquisition of a Dutch high-tech start-up, that claims it is “revolutionising illuminated visual communication”, will open new markets and extend the application of its technologies.

ClearVue, which specialises in the integration of its proprietary solar technology into building surfaces – and more specifically, glass and building facades – has signed an agreement to buy the intellectual property and assets of Netherlands-based Lusoco for 200,000 euros (AU$326,200).

Management describes the acquisition as “a valuable and unique opportunity”, predicting many opportunities for cross-pollination of technologies. It believes Lusoco’s technology will not only complement its core business but will allow a broadening application of its technologies.

It expects the deal will help open the door to new markets through Lusoco’s established relationships with globally-recognised companies in outdoor advertising, security, automotive components and glazing. In line with ClearVue’s proprietary technology, which utilises nanoparticles to generate electricity from the sun, Lusoco’s signage is off-grid, autonomous, self-powered and lighted.

Lusoco’s name is a portmanteau of the technology it deploys – luminescent solar concentration. Its technology redirects light rays that are efficient for solar cells attached to the edge of a transparent panel to collect and convert solar radiation to power in a small battery.

When darkness falls and the solar cells stop generating electricity, the system self-activates to send stored power to low-power lighting, which illuminates highly-fluorescent visible and invisible inks. The inks can be printed on plastics and glass and provide off-grid illuminated communication such as signage and advertising.

In addition to the outdoor advertising, automotive and architecture markets where Lusoco already has a presence, ClearVue believes the start-up’s technology will also have a place in its product range.

Public infrastructure such as bus shelters, street furniture and public artwork that use laminated glass or plastic surfaces and that need to be lit at night to be seen are all a target for a combined ClearVue and Lusoco solution. Low-power, high-contrast lighted surfaces and signage that are off-grid and self-powered through use of the ClearVue glazing – or using Lusoco’s own solar solution for smaller signs – are all now an option. In addition to ClearVue being able to add the Lusoco ink and printing solution into its solar facades and IGUs as a new complementary product line, the opportunity and benefits of the solution to the outdoor advertising and signage markets are obvious and wide-ranging. ClearVue acting chief executive Jamie Lyford

Separate to the acquisition of Lusoco’s assets and IP, ClearVue has also secured the professional services of the Dutch company’s founders, Dr Jeroen ter Schiphorst and Teun Wagenaar.

Dr Schiphorst will join ClearVue as chief of chemical technologies through its subsidiary, ClearVue Europe. His role includes assisting with trials to integrate the Lusoco technology with ClearVue’s solar glazing solutions.

Mr Wagenaar will provide consultancy services to both ClearVue Europe and ClearVue Technologies. He will help integrate the Lusoco technologies into the ClearVue product suite and to progress trials with third-party collaborators in the outdoor advertising, automotive and architectural areas.

With new markets and new customer relationships waiting to be explored – and the “green-energy” movement gathering unstoppable momentum – ClearVue appears to be setting its sights on powering to a new level.

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