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Singapore glass deal moves ClearVue into South-East Asia

Updated: Apr 23

ClearVue Technologies’ integrated glass units on a public building. Credit: File

ClearVue Technologies has expanded the global network for its solar integrated glass units (IGUs) by establishing a new distribution foothold in South-East Asia, following similar recent deals in the United States and Africa.

The company today revealed it had signed a non-exclusive five-year manufacturing and distribution deal for its solar glazing technology with Singapore glass processing specialist H T Glass.

It comes little more than a week since it revealed it had signed 8G Solutions to distribute its products in Colorado, Missouri and Arizona in the US, in an agreement which came just days after it confirmed a similar deal with Johannesburg-based renewable energy company Concept Business Group, aimed at distribution in South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho.

Greendustrial Global is also an official distributor in Israel.

In the latest deal, H T Glass will be contracted as an original equipment manufacturer and will use ClearVue’s technology to make and supply the IGUs back to the company or, on management’s instruction, to other projects outside Singapore.

H T Glass has established is operation in Singapore during the past 16 years, with a 5000 square-metre modern processing facility and is one of the only businesses on the island conducting end-product glass processing. It has worked with ClearVue for the past 18 months developing and testing the company’s second-generation products.

We are proud that our first commercial agreement in Singapore is with one of the region’s most progressive and flexible glass processors on the island. Partners like HT Glass play a critical role in delivering our unique technology to customers in South-East Asia, a region pivotal to our growth strategy. ClearVue Technologies global chief executive office Martin Deil.

Recently, the company’s second-generation photovoltaic (Gen-2 PV) IGUs and PV power-generating structural elements known as “spandrels” were independently verified by the Singapore Building and Construction Authority through its Skylab facility. It found that ClearVue’s high-energy output technology reduced the cooling load by 22.8 per cent and overall energy savings by 7.5 per cent.

Management believes it is now positioned to impact the rapidly-expanding South-East Asian market for clean renewable solutions – particularly in Singapore, which has some of the world’s most stringent net-zero policies. The policies include a carbon tax that will be significantly increased next year, with future hikes expected to reach from SGD$50 to $80 (AU$49 to AU$78) per tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by 2030.

The company says it is actively engaged in discussions on multiple projects in the region where its products will help to reduce costs and emissions.

The Singapore deal requires H T Glass to manufacture and sell at least 300sq m of IGUs in the first year and at least 1000sq m in the second year, with the number each following year increasing up to 10,000sq m in the fifth year of the deal. The license could be extended to two further five-year periods, but would require the payment of a licence renewal fee of US$100,000 (AU$132,720).

HT Glass managing director Sam Tsang said working with ClearVue on its Skylab testing assisted the company, which is currently commissioning a new glass processing line, to better understand the real benefits of the products.

ClearVue chairman Victor Rosenberg today told the company’s annual general meeting that its technology “could not be timelier”, as demand for clean, renewable energy solutions accelerates around the world through ever-changing government regulations and evolving consumer sentiment. And it appears management has built a solid foundation to be able play a role in that green transition with products that can be delivered easily and at scale.

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