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Singular Health fires up distribution deal for US market

Updated: Apr 19

Singular Health’s technology aims to make it easier to plan medical procedures. Credit: File

Singular Health has engaged an American IT solutions company to act as its master distributor for the company’s “3Dicom” medical imaging software as it looks to crack the lucrative United States health care market. Florida-based Charlie Golf One Solutions has signed on as Singular’s Master Distributor for its unique health-care software in five USA states.

The newly appointed distributor will have exclusivity to resell Singular’s software licenses across Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and Texas.

Singular has developed software that can essentially lift a 2 dimensional CT or MRI scan from a page and create a 3 dimensional model of a tumour that patients and medical practitioners can interact with to better understand the full extent of a patient’s medical condition.

Importantly Singular is selling its software on a “software-as-a-service” basis with a view to creating a long term and growing annuity stream arising from customers that pay a regular fee to access the software.

Management says having already partnered with Florida-based Charlie Golf One (CG1) as its inaugural sales partner since November 2022, it is keen to make use of its network of partner organisations in the federal government and commercial sectors.

The duo inked a master distribution agreement (MDA) after working closely together to develop a pipeline of potential sales with some large-scale federal government agencies, corporate licensing deals and large healthcare providers in South Florida.

The signing of this Master Distribution Agreement is the result of many months of progressing commercial opportunities in the USA along with CG1 and their partner organisations. Singular Health Group global partnerships manager Martina Mariano

The company says while the new distribution agreement includes the distribution of Singular Health’s existing 3Dicom software it does not include several potential large-scale licensing opportunities for the underlying platform that it continues to work separately with CG1 and other partners.

Singular’s software origins date back to 2017 when Perth gynaecological oncologist Dr Jason Tan wanted a clearer picture of a female patient’s medical issues before she underwent complex surgery. Dr Tan hired gaming developers originally to bring to fruition his idea of viewing 2D scans in 3D.

Charlie Golf One Solutions has a background in developing and deploying augmented reality, virtual reality and mobile applications in the defence and healthcare markets.

Back in April, Singular said Sony Electronics is likely to “actively promote” its 3Dicom medical device as a complementary application for the global giant’s second-generation Spatial Reality Display. The new Sony product allows for 3D displays without the need for special glasses through the deployment of high-speed vision sensors that follow a viewer’s eye movement. Sony’s collaboration with Singular was established mid-last year and has led to the new display by integrating the 3Dicom MD that enables 2D data from MRI and CT scans to be converted into immersive 3D models.

The software ultimately makes it easier for medical professionals, such as surgeons and dentists, to plan medical procedures.

Singular Health’s US partner Charlie Golf One borrowed its name from the navy phonetic alphabet code and means “standing by and ready to assist”.

The partnership is also another step for Singular in cracking the lucrative US health care market, which remains the holy grail for med-tech companies. The market also appeared to embrace the news with Singular’s stock up 20 per cent to 4.6 cents during intra day trading.

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