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Singular Health to deliver major health boost to US veterans

Updated: Apr 19

US veterans are set to benefit from Singular Health’s first sale of its 3Dicom software into the American market. Credit: File

The medical journey for thousands of United States veterans is set for significant improvement via a new deal that will give them access to Perth-based Singular Health Group’s revolutionary 3Dicom software.

Singular has today revealed it has locked in its first enterprise order for 3Dicom in the US, with 5000 licenses purchased by Techworks 4 Good on behalf of American veterans. It will allow veterans to upload and share medical records from their 3Dicom Patient account through online, desktop and mobile applications, greatly improving accessibility, portability and continuity of care.

Techworks 4 Good is a Florida-based organisation with a mission to empower lives through workforce training for adults living with disabilities.

Singular’s device allows practitioners such as dentists, surgeons and radiologists to convert conventional two-dimensional MRI, CT and PET scans into immersive 3D images. The change provides a clearer insight into a patient’s medical problems and enables better surgical planning.

While the details of the enterprise sale are commercial-in-confidence, the company says revenue generated from the order exceeds its total direct-to-consumer sales of the 3Dicom software in 2023 of about $50,000 by more than 40 per cent.

The order was placed through Singular Health’s recently-appointed US distributor, CG1 Solutions – a South Florida-based information technology firm owned and run by veterans and service-disabled veterans. CG1 has a background in developing and deploying augmented reality, virtual reality and mobile applications in the defence and healthcare markets.

Management says the initial purchase order is for just a small proportion of the more than 36,000 veterans in Miami-Dade County, but there are an estimated 18 million veterans nationwide in the US and that provides for plenty of potential market growth if the initial deal proves successful.

Data collected from the initial deployment is expected to support further roll-outs with the same model in other Florida counties, Texas and Alabama, and then further afield in the nation.

The collaboration with TechWorks 4 Good, the West Kendall Baptist Hospital, and Mission United on the 3Dicom for Veterans initiative marks a significant milestone for the commercialisation of the 3Dicom technology in the US market. The order for 5000 licenses of the 3Dicom Patient solution for American veterans in Miami-County embodies our commitment to seamless and secure access, understanding, and sharing of medical records and we are honoured to serve the American Veteran Community through this innovative initiative. Singular Health Group global partnerships manager Dr Martina Mariano

US veterans transitioning from active service to civilian life face an often challenging readjustment to their living arrangements and that can significantly impact their healthcare.

While in active service, healthcare is provided through the Military Health System (MHS) at hospitals that are either directly managed or contracted to provide healthcare services to active personnel and their immediate families. Medical records of personnel are kept on CDs during their service and doctors within the MHS can retrieve medical records and images using the internal MSH-Genesis PACS system.

However, once discharged, veterans are often unable to retrieve and subsequently share their images, except through requesting their medical records on the CDs.

Using 3Dicom, veterans can digitise, carry and share their medical records directly from a mobile phone. If they receive their images on CD, they can load them into the 3Dicom Patient desktop software where images are rendered into 3D and shared using Singular Health’s patent-pending medical record file-sharing system to the veteran’s 3Dicom Patient mobile app and web portal.

In 2022, 3Dicom was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for sale in America, where the medical imaging market was estimated two years ago to be worth more than $1 billion. In the same year, the company cleared the final regulatory hurdle to sell its technology into the American market by engaging US-based CG1 Solutions as a sales agent.

The passing in August 2022 of the Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act, or PACT Act, may also prove significant for Singular on the back of its initial order. The Act provides for US$797 billion in spending to significantly improve healthcare access and funding for veterans who were exposed to toxic substances during military service.

Along with the introduction of the Veterans Health Care Freedom Act to US Congress last year, it is expected to increase the need for medical imaging and enhanced portability among the veteran community.

The range of troubles experienced by service veterans has been well-documented globally and anything to make their lives even a little bit better can only be a good thing.

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