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ClearVue reveals first Australian smart glass manufacturer

Updated: Apr 23

ClearVue Technologies had a successful trial at the Murdoch University greenhouse. Credit: File

ClearVue Technologies is set to establish its first supply chain on home soil for its smart glass windows after securing a maiden manufacturing and distribution agreement in Australia with Victorian-based partner Safety Glass.

The agreement follows hot on the heels of a recent string of similar international agreements after the company revealed last October that it had locked down its first order in the United States.

It is a significant new business step forward for the technology that revolves around a thin transparent film made of a proprietary formulation of nano and micro particle described as “magic dust”, which sits between two or more panes of glass in a window. The film absorbs the sun’s rays and radiates the energy to solar strips around the window edges.

The solar energy is then converted into electricity that can be used, for example, to open and close windows to adjust the building temperature and aid air circulation.

The new three-year deal will lock in Safety Glass, which trades as MS Glass, as an original equipment manufacturer to make and supply ClearVue’s unique solar power-generating integrated glazing units (IGUs) either back to the company or to other projects outside Australia on management’s instruction. MS Glass’ exclusive rights will extend to Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

ClearVue will retain supply rights alongside MS Glass in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. Minimum performance criteria for the latter will include the payment of a $500,000 licence renewal fee to allow for the use of its new partner’s trademark branding on products sold during the term of the licence.

This agreement formalises the relationship between ClearVue and MS Glass built over the last 18 months. MS Glass was one of four glass processors globally who shared their production facilities and industry knowledge with us, helping us understand IGU manufacture and enabling us to design a product that integrates seamlessly into existing production lines. ClearVue Technologies global chief executive officer Martin Deil

The US order last year comprised a contract worth US$158,336 (A$252,000) for ClearVue to supply its IGUs for a greenhouse project in California. It came after the company revealed the results of a two-year trial installation of its solar glass units at a test greenhouse constructed at Murdoch University in Perth.

Management also later sealed a comprehensive agreement with Johannesburg-based renewable energy company Concept Business Group, aimed at distributing its products in South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho. A week later, ClearVue revealed it had signed 8G Solutions to distribute its products in Colorado, Missouri and Arizona in the US.

It has also signed up with Greendustrial Global as an official distributor in Israel.

The company’s most recent overseas success came with the signing of a non-exclusive five-year manufacturing and distribution deal with Singapore glass processing specialist H T Glass, effectively exposing it to the vast south-east Asian market.

MS Glass was founded in the 1960s. It operates a modern 15,000-square-metre processing facility and employs more than 70 staff. The innovative company is regarded as one of the pre-eminent glass manufacturing and installation providers in Victoria.

MS Glass general manager Tania White said the company had already methodically marketed the product for about 18 months and engaged with end-customers for feedback. She said ClearVue’s technology had triggered high levels of interest and described the company’s product as a “standout in the global market” among commercially-available glazing options that are aimed at moving construction towards a net-zero future.

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