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Flashpoint - Edition #1

Updated: May 31, 2023

Guess which ASX stock jumped 119 per cent last week?

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Matt Birney - Thanks Tim.

Matt Birney - There's a lot of buzz around rare earths at the moment in the market Kingfisher Mining showed that surging 119 per cent for the week on news of high grade rare earth rock chips. Its share price hit 63.5 cents on Thursday up from 29 cents last Friday.

Matt Birney - Another rare earth play that hit its straps is Narryer Metals curiously with no announcement out for the week. Its share price soaring 65 per cent.

Matt Birney - Desert Metals rounded out the trifecta of rare earth movers for the week climbing 79 percent after encouraging field work in WA, it vaulted to a high of 47 and a half cents up from 26 and a half.

Matt Birney - Finally American West Metals came home like a Melbourne Cup favourite, rocketing 86 per cent after a major copperdiscovery in Canada drove its share price as high as 27 cent,s up from 14 and a half.

Matt Birney - Now here's a fun fact. There's more copper in an electric vehicle than lithium which is worth pondering for those with an eye on the green revolution.


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