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Flashpoint - Edition #37

One biotech firm, which is developing a drug to combat both HIV and COVID-19, went nuts this week, while punters again flocked to the lithium bandwagon and companies exploring in the emerging hotspot of Canada.


Matt Birney - Thanks Tim

Matt Birney - Well biotech firm Biotron went nuts this week to hit 7.2c, up from 3.2, with pending clinical trial results for a drug it says just might be able to cure both HIV and COVID-19.

Matt Birney - Never far away, the lithium bandwagon marched on when Pioneer Lithium spectacularly hit the ASX boards with a 95 per cent hike on its 20c listing.

Matt Birney - Its stock touched 39 cents on day one when the market said 'yes' to its Canadian lithium portfolio.

Matt Birney - And Slovakian gold explorer, MetalsTech stacked on 76 per cent to hit 26.5 cents, up from last week’s 15c close, when it pivoted to lithium with yet another Canadian project.

Matt Birney - And finally Haranga Resources also hit 26 cents from its 15 cent close last week. The company booked a 73 per cent jump after raising $2.8m at 11c a share, to boost its uranium resource in Africa.

Matt Birney - You gotta love getting into an 11c cap raise for a stock that then hits 26  cents - and with uranium soaring to its highest price since 2011, lithium might finally have a rival for its market darling status.


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