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Flashpoint - Edition #34

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

A metals explorer’s share price went flying after it picked up some prospective ground next to a massive lithium deposit, while a health and wellness company received a solid cash boost from investors.


Geof - But first here's Matt Birney with the ASX Runners of the Week.

Geof - Thanks to Liquidity, for sophisticated investors.

Matt Birney - Thanks Geof.

Matt Birney - Ok so Torque Metals soared 248 per cent this week, touching 43.5 cents, up from last week’s 12.5 cent close. Torque jumped when it picked a lithium and gold play just 600m from the Bald Hill lithium deposit near Norseman.

Matt Birney - Health and wellness firm Live Verdure surged 117 per cent to hit 20 cents after investors breathed new life into the company with a $1.6m cash injection to fund new product development and partnership opportunities.

Matt Birney - And Southern Cross Gold shot 82 per cent to hit 91 cents, up from 50 cents last week when it tabled one of the best gold drill intersections I’ve seen. A whopping 404m going 5.1 grams per tonne gold in Victoria.

Matt Birney - And finally, Lithium Plus Minerals jumped from 24 to 45 cents after nailing a crazy long 127m drill hit, into potentially lithium-bearing pegmatites in the Northern Territory.

Matt Birney - We don’t know yet if there’s any lithium in those pegmatites but that didn’t stop punters piling in with a big bet that there might be.


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