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Flashpoint - Edition #15

Updated: 3 days ago

A digital platform specialist took top spot this week with a more than 87 per cent jump, the market’s interest in rare earths continued but it was a regular who turned heads as it powered to new heights.


Tim - This is Steve Butler with the ASX Runners of the Week.

Tim - Thanks to CPS Capital.

Steve Butler - Thanks Tim

Steve Butler - Digital platform specialist Future First Technologies set the pace this week, roaring 87.5 per cent after its strongest quarter of financial performance yet. Its hit 3 cents, up from 1.6 last week.

Steve Butler - Thor Energy jumped 62.5 per cent after it looked back at earlier drill results and found rare earths at its South Australian project. Its shares climbed to point 7 of a cent from 0.4.

Steve Butler - The drill bit is about to start spinning at MTM Critical Metals’ rare earths project in Canada and that was enough to see its share price hike 54 per cent to touch 18.5 cents.

Steve Butler - And how about Western Mines Group? It found yet another gear in a run that started more than three weeks ago. After locking onto more nickel west of Kalgoorlie, its shares soared another 56 per cent to reach a company-high 90 cents, up from 57 and a half.

Steve Butler - When you think its share price was hovering as low as 11 and a half cents at the start of April, the concept of an almost 683 per cent increase within a month is enough to bring a tear to a glass eye.

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