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Flashpoint - Edition #16

Updated: May 31, 2023

A Pilbara copper miner got altitude sickness, flying up more than 200 per cent on last week. Rare earths discoveries continued to excite, while one company proved that quarterlies are worth a look after all.


Tim - But first, here's Matt Birney with the ASX Runners of the Week. Thanks to Argonaut.

Matt Birney - Thanks, Tim. Well, GreenTech Metals tripled this week after it hit copper with the drillbit up in the Pilbara. Its shares got a touch of altitude sickness after climbing as high as 25c – up from last week's close of just 8.

Matt Birney - Rare earths continue to excite the market with Pinnacle Minerals hiking 81 per cent after declaring it was launching a drill program at its Disruptor project in WA’s Great Southern - its share price climbing to 19 cents - up from just 10 and a half.

Matt Birney - Meanwhile a new rare earths discovery near the South Australian border pushed Caspin Resources over 58 per cent higher.

Matt Birney - The discovery, notably, the first of its kind in the region, sent Caspin’s share price from 30 cents to 47.5

Matt Birney - And it wasn’t just the mineral glitterati taking line honours this week with medical diagnostics provider Lumos Diagnostics having enough good news in its quarterly report to send its share price up 72 per cent to touch 3.1 cents - after closing out last week at 1.8.

Matt Birney - Who says nobody reads quarterlies?


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