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Flashpoint - Edition #28

A big gallium hit in gold country near Las Vegas sent an Aussie explorer flying on the ASX last week, while a deal for the 3D modelling of US power grids boosted an AI tech company’s share price.


Tim - Here's Matt Birney with the ASX Runners of the Week.

Tim - Thanks to Argonaut.

Matt Birney - Thanks Tim.

Matt Birney - So AI 3D imaging company Pointerra surged 118 per cent this week after winning a deal to provide a US power company with digital models of its grid. Its shares touching 21 cents after closing out last week at just 9.6.

Matt Birney - Online marketplace Redbubble soared 66 per cent to hit 64c, up from 38.5, on the back of two favourable rulings by the US Court of Appeals regarding an alleged 3rd party IP infringement.

Matt Birney - And X-ray technology company Micro-X jumped 52 per cent to hit 16 cents after securing an extension to its contract with the US Department of Homeland Security.

Matt Birney - And finally, Gold 50 climbed 146 per cent this week after stumbling across a 308m drill hit of the critical metal, gallium while drilling for gold about an hour out of Las Vegas. That unexpected discovery rocketed Gold 50’s share price to a peak of 48 cents – up from just 19.5.

Matt Birney - Well and truly proving the old adage that big bets in Vegas can very often pay off.


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