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Flashpoint - Edition #29

A breast cancer blood test impressed during trials sending a biotech flying last week, while a hemp supplier secured a deal to supply American colossus Under Armour with yarn, boosting the company’s share price.


Tim - But first here's Matt Birney with the ASX Runners of the Week.

Tim - Thanks to Liquidity, for sophisticated investors.

Matt Birney - Thanks Tim.

Matt Birney - OK so BCAL Diagnostics surged 200 per cent this week when its breast cancer-detecting blood test managed to do just that that in testing. BCAL hit 21 cents after closing out last week at just 7.

Matt Birney - Hemp technology company EcoFibre climbed 105 per cent from 17 to 35 cents after securing a deal to supply American clothing colossus Under Armour with yarn created from cannabis plants.

Matt Birney - And American West Metals jumped 67 per cent from 18.5 to 31 cents after tabling some stellar drill results that potentially point to a major new copper discovery in Canada.

Matt Birney - And finally, Chinese product marketing company eCargo hiked 292 per cent from last Friday’s 1.4c close, touching 1.7 cents on Monday, 3.1 on Tuesday, 3.9 on Wednesday, 5 cents on Thursday and 5.5 on Friday – curiously with absolutely no news in the market.

Matt Birney - Even a please explain from the ASX was batted away with a wide-eyed response of ….. nothing to see here, just move on.


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