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Flashpoint - Edition #33

A grab bag of clay-based rare earths drill hits sent an explorer's share price flying, while an autonomous drone company got the tick of approval from CASA to fly its drones beyond the operator’s line of sight.


Tim - But first here's Matt Birney with the ASX Runners of the Week.

Tim - Thanks to Liquidity ... for sophisticated investors.

Matt Birney - Thanks Tim

Matt Birney - Ok, so Desert Metals came storming home this week with a grab bag of impressive clay-based rare earth drill hits in WA’s north-west. Its stock touched 13.5c on Friday, up from 4.7c last week.

Matt Birney - GCX Metals vaulted 85 per cent to hit 5.2 cents after picking up a nickel-copper and platinum project right next door to BHP in WA’s lucrative West Musgrave region.

Matt Birney - And RocketDNA lived up to its name with a 70 per cent jump from 1 to 1.7c following the tick of approval from CASA to fly its autonomous drones beyond line of sight.

Matt Birney - And finally newly listed explorer Australian Critical Minerals headed skyward from 18.5 to 43.5c when it drilled into typical lithium-bearing geology in the Pilbara in a region that boasts some of the largest lithium deposits in the world.

Matt Birney - So if that was your stockbroker that convinced you to put money into the Australian Critical Minerals float at 20c just 2 months ago – I think you owe him a bottle of something nice – you just doubled your money.


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