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Flashpoint - Edition #2

Updated: May 31, 2023

Watch Bulls N’ Bears Matt Birney take you through the rise and rise of lithium and the curious case of coal.

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Matt Birney - Thanks Geof,

Matt Birney - Lithium continues to capture the imagination - and the money I might say - of the punting public and the attention of traditionally gold focused companies like Kula Gold who surged 70 per cent this week with little more than a plan to explore for lithium near the revered Greenbushes lithium mine in WA.

Matt Birney - Gold Mountain also rocketed 67 per cent after proposing to acquire some lithium ground in Brazil. Its share price hitting a cent – up from 0.6 of a cent last week.

Matt Birney - Copper explorer Demetallica climbed 50 per cent after an unsolicited takeover offer, vaulting to a high of 30 cents, up from its close of 20 last week.

Matt Birney - And curiously, coal miner MC Mining – with absolutely no news in the market – hiked 57 per cent - its share price touching 92.5 cents - up from 59 last week.

Matt Birney - Interestingly, rumours of the demise of coal may be a little premature, with the price of the controversial commodity up 150 per cent over the past year.


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