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Bulls N’ Bears provides up-to-the-minute news relating to ASX-listed public companies.

Our articles are intelligently written and interesting, translating financial news speak into everyday language that can be understood by the entire Australian financial news community.

Bulls N’ Bears is regularly the first media outlet to report breaking public company news, sometimes just minutes after it hits the ASX.

Our articles are published across all online, digital and social media assets belonging to The West Australian newspaper and the Business News newspaper. We also host radio interviews with MDs and CEOs on the Bulls N' Bears Report that air most days on 6PR radio in Perth, 3AW radio in Melbourne, 4BC radio in Brisbane and 2GB radio in Sydney with a potential reach in the hundreds of thousands of people.​



Pilot Energy Executive Chairman Brad Lingo
Prospect Resources’ Dave Broomfield
Toro Energy Executive Chairman Richard Homsany
Aguia Resources Executive Chairman Warwick Grigor
Castle Minerals Managing Director Steve Stone
Firetail Resources Executive Chairman Brett Grosvenor
Optiscan Imaging Managing Director Dr Camile Farah
Aruma Resources Managing Director Glenn Grayson
RareX CEO James Durrant
TechGen Metals Managing Director Ashley Hood
Mining Chronicle - Edition 386
Mining Chronicle - Edition 385
Mining Chronicle - Edition 384
Mining Chronicle - Edition 383
Mining Chronicle - Edition 382
Mining Chronicle - Edition 381
Mining Chronicle - Edition 380
Mining Chronicle - Edition 379
Mining Chronicle - Edition 378
Mining Chronicle - Edition 377
Flashpoint - Matt Birney - 231001
230924 - Steve Butler
230917_Flashpoint_Matt Birney
Flashpoint - Matt Birney - 230910
Flashpoint - Matt Birney - 230903
Flashpoint - Matt Birney - 230827
Flashpoint - Steve Butler - 230820
Flashpoint - Matt Birney - 230813
Flashpoint - 060823 - Matt Birney
Flashpoint - Matt Birney - 230730

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